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DairyCare Tonic - For healthier, more productive herds, naturally.

DairyCare Tonic

Bio-Gro Certified, Manufactured to ISO9002, IASC Standard

Building healthy herds begins with building healthy natural immune systems - and logical solutions begin with feeding natural food supplements. DairyCare Tonic is made in New Zealand and sourced from organic aloe vera and manuka honey to bring you a full-strength food supplement second to none for natural nutritional benefits, purity, quality and value.

Packed with nutrients and the essential elements necessary for their absorption, DairyCare Tonic's organic plant extracts are renowned for effectiveness, particularly in dairy cattle - 12 vitamins, 11 minerals, 7 enzymes, 21 amino acids, 12 anthraquinones and 6 saccharides to offer a natural, safe, effective way to boost herd health and improve wellbeing.

For milking cows

  • Unlike antibiotics, there is no withholding period after dosing.
  • Safe to use daily - even in larger doses as an immune system health booster - with no reported adverse side effects.
  • Normalises and maintains udder health.
  • Maintains condition in cows during calving for earlier returns to milk production.
  • With regular dosing, demonstrates measurable improvements in literage and milk solid statistics!

For weaning calves

  • Helps to normalise and maintain healthy gastrointestinal function.
  • Builds immune systems to help natural resistance to infection, for a better start in life, balanced health and good condition.

Guaranteed Results

Purchase DairyCare Tonic for 12 months and follow the recommended dose. If your certified records show no improvement in udder health after one year, we'll refund your purchase cost in full - a no-risk offer and so much to gain!

DairyCare Tonic

Dosage rates:
Dilute 1 part Dairy Care Tonic with 9 parts clean water! Dairycare tonic may be dosed at 5ml to 50ml per cow daily, via in-line dispenser or into feed or trough water. Weaning calves may be safely drenched with 100ml or more to maintain normal digestive functioning.

  • 2lt
  • $405

Stockfood Supplement

Stockfood Supplement

A natural liquid mineral supplement
Assists stock in stress conditions
Drench or water trough use
Very popular product

  • 20lt
  • $118
  • 100lt
  • $377
  • 200lt
  • $593



V-Cide Disinfectant

V-Cide Disinfectant

Agmax V-Cide is an oxygen based multi-purpose viral and bacterial disinfectant powder which is incredibly effective, simple to use and can provide your farm with outstanding hygiene protection. V-cide achieved outstanding results a 99.9% kill rate against
* Rota Virus * Parvo Virus
* E-Coli * Salmonella Choleraesuis
More cost effective than any other equivalent product

  • 1kg
  • $87
  • 2kg
  • $162
  • 4kg
  • $292



* High energy drench for cows post calving when naturally stressed
* Unique powdered formulation does not seperate in storage
* Can be added dry to supplimentary feed or diluted with water for drenching
* Just dilute with water and administer with drenching bottle. Not suitable for drenching guns.
* High energy from vegetable derived carbohydrate and bypass fat
* Good source of calcium and magnesium needed after calving
* Good source of Cobalt for vitamin B12 synthesis in rumen
* Supplied in convenient 16kg (20 doses), re-sealable pail and measure
* Suitable for cows and sheep
* Dose rate: 800g per dose

Nutrient/energy per 800g dose:
Energy............... 16.7MJ
Magnesium............... 12g
Calcium............... 70g
Cobalt............... 2g

  • 16kg
  • $161