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Flowing Worksoap

Flowing Worksoap

Antiseptic, anti-bacterial, perfumed heavy duty flowing soap
A concentrated formula that only requires small quantities to be effective
Many uses: for removing grease, graphite, garden soil. Effective in salt water and ideal for boating and camping.

  • 5lt
  • $54



Concentrated Automatic Dishwash Powder

Concentrated Automatic Dishwashing Powder

High performance powder that sanitises as it cleans.
Just add a small amount to the dispenser.
For use in automatic dishwashers.
Biodegradable, concentrated, easy to use.

  • 5kg
  • $49
  • 20kg
  • $135

Concentrated Dishwashing Liquid Detergent

Concentrated Dishwashing Liquid Detergent

Premium lemon scented dishwashing liquid detergent.
Many uses: For hand dishwashing at home and commercial applications.
High grease-cutting properties.

  • 5lt
  • $29
  • 20lt
  • $77


Concentrated Laundry Powder

Concentrated Laundry Powder

This is the BEST laundry powder on the market. No fillers, low foaming and super concentrated. Use only 30gms (comes with measuring scoop) for a heavily soiled load. Sound crazy? That's all you are going to need.
Uses: For heavily soiled laundry (perfect for farm overalls) and general laundry.

  • 5kg
  • $44
  • 20kg
  • $132