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The Mk2 version of the famous DRUMPUMP!
Complete with four different thread fittings to fit all common plastic and steel drums.

  • DRUMPUMP (with 4 thread fittings) standard price
  • $138
  • DRUMPUMP (as above, with any 100lt Agmax product)
  • $123
  • DRUMPUMP (as above, with any 200lt Agmax product)
  • $108

Splash N Dash

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To remove moss, mould, lichen, slime, algae and other organic material.
Use rate: 1 part Splash n Dash to 5 parts water
Contains no chlorine, bleaches or caustic soda
Simply spray on to the surface required and leave
There is no washing or scrubbing needed, the weather does the work.

Splash N Dash Safety Data Sheet Click Here

  • 5 lt
  • $94
  • 20 lt
  • $255