About Agmax

Agmax Industries is proudly 100% New Zealand owned and operated. We started serving the New Zealand dairy community over 32 years ago, selling just one product and now with a full range of dairy products we have grown to service the product needs of thousands of New Zealand dairy farms.

Agmax was founded with a guiding principal to supply the dairy farmer with quality dairy hygiene detergents and animal health products at the most cost-effective price. To achieve this, we manufacture and distribute products direct to farm. Our reputation is for excellence in quality products, customer service and support.

Agmax Products

We have a full range of dairy hygiene detergents and animal health products, both liquid and powdered acid and alkali detergents, three types of teat spray and emollients and two types of bloat products.

All Agmax products where applicable are MPI (Ministry of Primary Industries), ACVM (Agricultural Compounds Veterinary Medicines) approved or licensed. Agmax is also a GMP registered manufacturing plant.

Our quality assurance programme ensures every product made by Agmax is tested and meets the required quality assurance standards.

Agmax specialises in making products as concentrated as possible and all Agmax manufactured products have a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Research and Development

Our Research and Development programme is ongoing, innovation in this area has always been one of the key drivers for Agmax. In 1993 Agmax was the first to introduce dairy detergents in sachets.  Later we launched Teatsweet - a teatspray in a sachet, a truly innovative product. We have another unique product, an alkali detergent that works in cold water called Agmax Vat Cleaner – no more scrubbing, just apply it to the vat wash and rinse it off!

Customer Service and Support

Agmax is not only a supplier to the dairy industry but believes in being directly involved with personal investment in the industry.  You deal with the people who own the company.  Also, Agmax staff invest a large part of their career in being part of the wider farming community. We are not just cogs in a large multinational machine.  To us it is more than just a job. Our reputation is for excellence in customer service and support. We go the extra mile to meet and satisfy our customer’s needs. We love our customers warts and all. 

 Paul Whitley is the Managing Director and owner of Agmax. He has a ‘hands on’ involvement with product development through to product implementation.  He is in touch with the day to day milk quality issues facing farmers as he spends considerable time on farm.  Paul is contactable at any time.