Every day farmers around New Zealand are turning to Agmax for high quality innovative products at good prices, its no wonder that Agmax is rapidly becoming the preferred suppliers of farmers who are serious about high performance and high profits in their business.

Acid Sachets

"After trying to save money with cold water detergents and running a tight ship which I have to today, I'm finding Agmax Acid Sachets the best thing out since PK chewing gum. Pre-measured and much stronger than competitors acid. Also no mess, no drums or drum pumps needed. Thank you Agmax."



"All the years I've been milking cows this year my scc is at the lowest it's ever been and in a year that Fonterra has been telling us all that mastitis has been worse than ever. I'm a new Agmax customer this year thanks to Neville and your Teatsweet Sachets have been fantastic at reducing my mastitis. Thank you Agmax, I'm a believer!"



"Scc's consistently 50,000 or lower all year, milking 230 cows this year. Using Teatsweet and Titivate and at the moment scc's 22,000. Very happy with Teatsweet and would never change. Post milk spraying only."

Te Awamutu

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