With ridiculously high costs this season on farm, it’s nice when you can find cost savings, vital in these economic times!

When you buy from Agmax Industries Limited, you’re dealing DIRECT with the manufacturer, and are actually buying at the “wholesale” price. Your order goes straight from our factory to your farm.

Agmax products are not “cheaper” products. They cost about the same to manufacture as much more expensive brands. The same general formulations and raw materials are used, and products are tested and approved by MPI to meet exactly the same standards.

You pay less because of what happens after the product is manufactured. With Agmax, you don’t pay for middleman margins and costs that have nothing to do with the manufacturing or performance of the product.

As an example, the competitor brand costs you $30 more than the similar Agmax product. Yet they cost the same to manufacture.

Service and Support

New Zealand owned and operated, Agmax is a manufacturer and distributor of agricultural chemical products such as dairy farm hygiene, teat sprays, bloat products, and animal health products. As an authorized distributor of Rainbow and Brown, we also have a large range of herbicides.

Have a question, a problem, or simply want advice? We can help with anything from milk quality issues to technical product details and everything in between. Simply call our legendary Customer Service team on 0508 524 824 or email: info@agmax.co.nz

Agmax Industries Limited is backed by 33 years of practical hands-on experience. With over 30 products, fully tested and approved by NZ authorities, we’re so confident about our products, we offer a 100% money back guarantee. You can’t ask for better than that!

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