Agmax Industries Ltd is proud to be a part of the AGRECOVERY programme; a Rural Recycling Programme that will allow you to conveniently and efficiently recycle your plastic containers from the farm. This is a great step in the right direction for more sustainable farming practices. Burning and burying agrichemicals and their packaging on property has not only been proven to be harmful to health and the environment but it is not farming for the future.

So, how does it work?

We have outlined the simple steps below; additionally, you can go to the Agrecovery website for further information

For 0-60 litres plastic containers*:

  • Prepare your container
  • Lid must be removed
  • Container must be washed inside and out and free of any chemical residue (triple rinsing is recommended)
  • Drain container well
  • Find your collection site
  • Go to the Agrecovery website, under “Locations,” to find your nearest collection site
  • There are over 90 collection site nationwide. If you have over 300 containers you can request on farm pick up.
  • Take your containers to site
  • All containers are inspected before they are accepted for health and safety reasons and also to ensure the containers are free of contamination for recycling.

For larger containers 61 - 1000 litres*:

  • Prepare your container
  • Remove the bung
  • Wash your container inside and out to ensure it is free of any chemical residue
  • Drums and IBCs must be well drained after rinsing
  • Book online
  • Book your drums and IBCs online at Agrecovery, under “Programmes – DRUMS 61L -1000L – Step 3”
  • Collect: Collections from your farm will take place on a quarterly basis throughout New Zealand.

*Please ensure that all containers, drums and IBC’s are rinsed thoroughly, Agrecovery recommends triple rinsing. They must be free of any chemical residue or they will not be accepted for recycling.

Want proof of your recycling?

We believe in ultimate, transparency, traceability and accountability as does Agrecovery, which is why they have a simple online data base, “Smart Member Services” which allows you, the customer, to download proof of your recycling activity. Agrecovery has recycled 2,604,177 kgs of plastic since 2007 and recovered 109,509kg of chemicals since 2009. We are excited to be on board with Agrecovery and for your plastic to be able to go another round!

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